Bt_CreateIndex() Function


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Bt_CreateIndex() Function


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Create Index for open Btrieve File







FUNCTION Bt_CreateIndex ( hFile AS PTR, uFields AS USUAL, uIndex AS USUAL, nKey  := 0xFF AS BYTE )  AS LOGIC PASCAL







<hFile>Handle for an already open Btrieve File
<uFields>Structure of the file
<uIndex>Segment information for new index
<nKey>(Optional) Index Number to assign to index








With the Bt_CreateIndex function you can create a new index for an already open btrieve File.


The uFields parameter must have the same format as the uFields parameter of the Bt_Create function


The uIndex parameter must also have the same format as the uIndexes parameter of the Bt_Create function, with the exception that only one index can be created at the same time. This index however may consist of multiple segments.





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