Bt_DelSkip() Function


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Bt_DelSkip() Function


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Force VO2btrieve to make the next record CURRENT after the current record is deleted







FUNCTION Bt_DelSkip ( lNew )  AS LOGIC







<lNew>LOGIC value to set the skip after delete operation. Default (at startup) the behaviour of VO2Btrieve is NOT to skip to the next record








LOGICThe current setting of Bt_DelSkip()







After deleting a record in VO2btrieve and performing the commit() (or Update()) method of the server the record is really gone and there is no current record anymore. You should move the record pointer then to move to a new record before trying to read or write values.


Alternatively you can use this function to force VO2Btrieve to move to the next logical record after a delete operation. When deleting the last record in a file, the file pointer will move to EOF because of this.