Bt_IgnoreFieldWriteError() Function


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Bt_IgnoreFieldWriteError() Function


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Show error messages when reading data







FUNCTION Bt_IgnoreFieldWriteError ( lSet )  AS LOGIC







LOGIC                The current setting of Bt_IgnoreFieldWriteError()







This flags determines the way FieldWrite-Errors are handled. When the flag is TRUE no error messages will be generated, but the write will not be done as well.

Errors ignored are:

Wrong Field sizes

Unsupported or non-existing Field types

When the flag is FALSE (which is default) Bt_ShowTypeError() determines how the error message is displayed. When Bt_ShowTypeError() = TRUE, a messagebox is shown, when it is FALSE, the VO Error handler will be called.


Field writes also applies to Seek() operations. In that case values are written into the seek-buffer.

The default behaviour is that Write errors are NOT ignored







// In this example, errors encountered when reading fields

// will not display and the values will be zero filled, fields

// written to the database will display an error when a

// value cannot be converted properly.

// Once an error is discovered, the VO Error handler will be called.








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Bt_IgnoreFieldReadError(), Bt_ShowTypeError()