Bt_Pack0c() Function


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Bt_Pack0c() Function


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Specify the sign flag for packed decimal and money fields







FUNCTION Bt_Pack0c ( lNew )  AS LOGIC







<lNew>        LOGIC                TRUE tells VO2Btrieve to use the 0x0C flag when writing data (Default)

                         FALSE tells VO2Btrieve to write the 0x0F flag.








LOGIC                The current setting of Bt_Pack0c()







This function is normally not needed


Packed decimal and money fields use a sign flag to specify if values are positive (flags 0x0C or 0x0F) or negative (flag 0x0D). Most applications check for both the positive flags (like Vo2btrieve) but some applications only check for the flag 0x0C 0r 0x0F. By default Vo2btrieve checks for both flags, but writes data using the 0x0C flag.


With this function you can tell Vo2btrieve to use the 0x0F flag to write the data.