BtSegment Class

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BtSegment Class

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Strongly typed Class that holds the index-segment information







CLASS BtSegment







FlagsThis access returns the Index segment flags in the form of a string                



Init()Fill index segment with values from Keyspec structure                








This class is used by the BtIndex class to store information about its segments




Source Code



CLASS BtSegment

         EXPORT nPos          AS WORD       // Start position of Segment

         EXPORT nLen          AS WORD       // Length of Segment

         EXPORT nType         AS WORD       // Type of Segment

         EXPORT nACS          AS WORD       // COllating Table

         EXPORT nFlags        AS WORD       // Flags of Segment

         EXPORT lNull         AS LOGIC      // Null value allowed

         EXPORT oField        AS BtField    // Field that belongs to this segment

         EXPORT nKeys         AS DWORD      // # of unique key values in segment

         EXPORT nKeyNumber    AS WORD       // Key Number






See Also



strKeySpec, BtIndex, BtTable, BtField