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Copy contents of Btrieve server to new Btrieve File







METHOD CopyFile ( cNewFile, bForBlock, bWhileBlock )   CLASS BtServer







<cNewFile>                STRING Name of new btrieve table

<bForBlock>                CODEBLOCK   For expression  , Defaults to TRUE

<bWhileBlock>        CODEBLOCK   While Expression, Defaults to TRUE








LOGIC                TRUE when the export was succesful, FALSE when a runtime error has occurred.







The new btrieve table is created using the structure and index definitions of the current table

The new file is NOT added to the DDF dictionary, even when the current Server is based on the DFF.


Both the For Block and the While block receive the server object as a parameter

The exporting of records starts at the first record, using the current active index (and scope when applicable)


Both code blocks should return LOGIC values.

When the For block returns TRUE the current record is written to the DBF file

When the While block returns FALSE exporting is halted





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