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Open the a file based on the field definitions passed in as an argument







METHOD Init ( cFile, uFields, nMode, cOwner, nId )  CLASS BtServer







<cFile>                The name that is used in the dictionary for the file. Please note

                 that this name can (and usually is) different then the name of the file.

                 For example the name for FILE.DDF in the dictionary is X$File.

<uField>                Field definition of the file. This can be one of the following:

                 -        STRING concatenated string value. See below for more details

                 -        ARRAY of STRING values.

                 -        ARRAY of BtField objects

<nMode>  (Optional) Btrieve file open mode.

<cOwner> (Optional) Name of the owner of the table

<nId>                                (Optional) Client ID to use when opening the file.








SELF                Server Object. When an error occurs the VO Error handler is called.




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