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Set a filter on the server







METHOD SetFilter (  cbFilter AS USUAL, cFilterText AS STRING )  AS LOGIC PASCAL CLASS BtTable







<cbFilter>                a string or codeblock represeting the filter expression

<cFilterText>                a string representing the filter expression








LOGIC                Was the filter set succesfully







A string or a codeblock can be passed as the first parameter to set a filter on the server. If the first parameter is a codeblock, the second parameter can be the string representation of that codeblock. When the filter expression is evaluated the server object will be passed as a parameter to the expression. This allows you to access the server in your filter expression to determine which records are accessible. For example, your code block might look something like this:  |oEmp| oEmp:salary > 100000


If you pass the filter as a string, and want to make references to the server object in the string, you should use the name 'oServer' in the string, for example:

oEmp:SetFilter("oServer:Salary >= 100000")




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