strStatFileSpecs Structure


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strStatFileSpecs Structure


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StatFileSpecs Structure is used with the _BtStat() Function







STRUCTURE strStatFileSpecs ALIGN 1







The StatFileSpecs structure is used by the _BtStat() Function to read statistics about an open Btrieve File.



Please be carefull when using this structure, to allocate enough memory for all of the KeySpec stuctures that you need

See the strFileSpec documentation for the meaning of the FileFlags MEMBER




Source Code



STRUCTURE strStatFileSpecs ALIGN 1

 MEMBER RecLen           AS WORD         // Record Length

 MEMBER PageSize         AS WORD         // Page Size

 MEMBER IndexTot         AS BYTE         // # of indexes

 MEMBER Version          AS BYTE         // FileVersion

 MEMBER RecTot           AS DWORD        // # of records

 MEMBER FileFlags        AS WORD         // File Flags

 MEMBER unusedDups       AS BYTE         // # of Unused Duplicate Pointers

 MEMBER Reserved         AS BYTE         // (Reserved)

 MEMBER UnusedPages      AS WORD         // # of unused pages

 MEMBER DIM KeyBuf[0]    IS strKeySpec   // Array of key definitions







See Also



_BtStat(), strKeySpec, strFileSpec