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Version History


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Version 2.801

Recompiled for CA-Visual Objects 2.8


Version 2.721

Recompiled for CA-Visual Objects 2.7b1

Cleaned up return statements because of stricter check in new VO compiler


Version 2.72

Recompiled for CA-Visual Objects 2.7b

Fixed a GPF when opening a file failed

Added a 'Swapbytes' property for the BtField class. This allows you to swap the bytes in a Int field


Version 2.710

Recompiled for CA-Visual Objects 2.7a




Version 2.701

Removed the 'hard link' to the Btrieve DLL (WBTRV32.DLL). References to this DLL get resolved the first time a Btrieve function is called (Specially for Alwin !)


Version 2.7

Recompiled for CA-Visual Objects 2.7

Unused links to OleAut32.DLL and Ole32.DLL removed

Fixed some compiler warnings 51422

Fixed a problem where Memory Allocated by the BtTable class was not properly released


version 2.6

recompiled for CA-Visual Objects 2.6

revised code to improve error handling using User Defined Commands

tested and changed to work with Pervasive SQL 8

Fixed support to Read BLOB fields


version 2.514

Fixed a bug when searching for partial keys with Pervasive SQL 7 & 2000

version 2.513

Fixed a Bug in Filter handling


version 2.512





version 2.511

Changed for VO 2.5b


version 2.5-1

Solved a bug when assigning TimeStamp fields


Version 2.5:

New release for CA-Visual Objects 2.5 and Pervasive SQL 2000

Converted to VO 2.5

Added support for:

Timestamp fields

Blob fields

WString fields

WZString fields



Version 2.0:

first release for CA-Visual Objects 2.0 and Btrieve 6.5