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DaoCollection:ForEach() method

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Evaluate a CodeBlock for every object in the collection



bBlockCode block that is called for every object

 The codeblock gets ONE argument, i.e. the Object

 If the Codeblock returns FALSE the loop through the collection is cancelled



nCountThe number of objects that has been processed

 if you abort the loop by returning FALSE from the Codeblock, than this last object is included as well




Visual basic has the FOR EACH loop construct that allows you to evaluate code for every element in a collection, without having to set up a loop counter and keeping track of all the elements The ForEach() Method of the Collection emulates this in Visual Objects.




Using ForEach() is faster than using the Item access of the collection and also has less overhead than calling oColl:AsArray() to convert the collection into an array.





See Also

DaoCollection:AsArray        Returns collection in the form of an VO array

DaoCollection:Item        Access an individual object in the collection

DaoCollection:Count        Number of items in the collection




function ShowTableNames(oDb as DaoDatabase) AS VOID PASCAL


local bBlock as CodeBlock


local oTds   as DaoTableDefs


bBlock := {|oObject|Qout(oObject:name),TRUE}


oTd := oDb:TableDefs                        // get tabledefs collection


oTd:Foreach(bBlock}                         // display the names of all tables