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DaoDatabase:QueryTimeout Access/Assign

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A Shortint value that is number of seconds before timeout occurs when executing an ODBC query



When you're using an ODBC database, such as Microsoft SQL Server, there may be delays due to network traffic or heavy use of the ODBC server. Rather than waiting indefinitely, you can specify how long to wait.


When you use QueryTimeout with a Connection or Database object, it specifies a global value for all queries associated with the database. You can override this value for a specific query by setting the ODBCTimeout property of the particular QueryDef object.


In a Microsoft Jet workspace, you can override the default value by creating a new "ODBC" key in the Registry path \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Jet\3.5\, creating a QueryTimeout parameter in this key, and setting the value as desired.






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