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DaoDocument:AllPermissions Access

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Long value All permissions that apply for the current UserName



ConstantThe User Can


dbSecReadDefRead the table definition, including column and index information.
dbSecWriteDefModify or delete the table definition, including column and index information.
dbSecRetrieveDataRetrieve data from the Document object.
dbSecInsertDataAdd records.
dbSecReplaceDataModify records.
dbSecDeleteDataDelete records
dbSecDeleteDataCan delete records.
dbSecDBAdminCan replicate the database and change the database password.
dbSecDBCreateCan create new databases. This setting is valid only on the Databases container in the workgroup information file (System.mdw).
dbSecDBExclusiveHas exclusive access to the database.
dbSecDBOpenCan open the database


This property contrasts with the Permissions property, which returns only the permissions that are specific to the user and doesn't include any permissions that the user may also have as a member of groups. If the current value of the UserName property is a group, then the AllPermissions property returns the same values as the Permissions property






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