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DaoDbEngine:SetOption() Method

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Temporarily overrides values for the Microsoft Jet database engine keys in the Windows Registry (Microsoft Jet workspaces only).



lOptionA Long which specifies the registry key. Possible values are described in Remarks
uValueA usual which specifies a new value for the registry key




Each constant refers to the corresponding registry key in the path Jet\3.5\Engines\Jet 3.5\ (that is, dbSharedAsyncDelay corresponds to the key Jet\3.5\Engines\Jet 3.5\SharedAsyncDelay, and so on.).


Registry setting DAO constant


PageTimeout dbPageTimeout
SharedAsyncDelay dbSharedAsyncDelay
ExclusiveAsyncDelay dbExclusiveAsyncDelay
LockRetry dbLockRetry
UserCommitSync dbUserCommitSync
ImplicitCommitSync dbImplicitCommitSync
MaxBufferSize dbMaxBufferSize
MaxLocksPerFile dbMaxLocksPerFile
LockDelay dbLockDelay
RecycleLVs dbRecycleLVs
FlushTransactionTimeout dbFlushTransactionTimeout




Use the SetOption method to override registry values at run-time. New values established with the SetOption method remain in effect until changed again by another SetOption call, or until the DBEngine object is closed.



DaoDbEngine        The DBEngine object contains and controls all other collections and objects in the DAO object hierarchy



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