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DaoDbEngine:SystemDB Access/Assign

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A string value with the location of systemDb file



The Microsoft Jet database engine allows you to define a workgroup and set different access permissions to each object in the database for each user in the workgroup. The workgroup is defined by the workgroup information file, typically called "system.mda". For users to gain access to the secured objects in your database, DAO must have the location of this workgroup information file. The location can be identified to DAO either by specifying it in the Windows Registry or by setting the SystemDB property. On setup, the default setting is simply "system.mda" with no path.

For this option to have any effect, you must set the SystemDB property before your application initializes the DBEngine object (that is, before creating an instance of any other DAO object). The scope of this setting is limited to your application and can't be changed without restarting your application



DaoDbEngine        The DBEngine object contains and controls all other collections and objects in the DAO object hierarchy



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