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DaoRecordset:UpdateOptions Access/Assign

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A long value that indicates how the WHERE clause is constructed for each record during a batch update, and whether the batch update should use an UPDATE statement or a DELETE followed by an INSERT (ODBCDirect workspaces only).



The setting or return value can be any of the following constants:




dbCriteriaKey(Default) Jjust the key column(s) in the where clause.
dbCriteriaModValuesKey column(s) and all updated columns in the where clause.
dbCriteriaAllColsKey column(s) and all the columns in the where clause.
dbCriteriaTimeStampJust the timestamp column if available (will generate a run-time error if no timestamp column is in the result set).
dbCriteriaDeleteInsertSet of DELETE and INSERT statements for each modified row.
dbCriteriaUpdate(Default) UPDATE statement for each modified row.