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DaoRecordset:CancelUpdate() Method

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Cancels any pending updates


sTypeA short value indicating the type of update (ODBCDirect workspaces only).



You can use the following values for the sType argument only if batch updating is enabled.




dbUpdateRegularDefault. Cancels pending changes that aren't cached.
DbUpdateBatchCancels pending changes in the update cache.



You can use the CancelUpdate method to cancel any pending updates resulting from an Edit or AddNew operation. For example, if a user invokes the Edit or AddNew method and hasn't yet invoked the Update method, CancelUpdate cancels any changes made after Edit or AddNew was invoked.


Check the EditMode property of the Recordset to determine if there is a pending operation that can be canceled.


Note Using the CancelUpdate method has the same effect as moving to another record without using the Update method, except that the current record doesn't change, and various properties, such as BOF and EOF, aren't updated.