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Change History

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List of changes in VO2Jet 2.803

Recompiled for Visual Objects 2.8 SP4
Runtime DLLs are no longer packed to prevent problems with certain antivirus products

List of changes in VO2Jet 2.801

Fixed IDE Refresh problems with Jet Server Editor
Several changes to work with VO 2.8

List of changes in Vo2Jet 2.721 (VO 2.7b1)

Version 2.721 of Vo2Jet has been changed to work succesfully with VO 2.7b1 (VOPS Build)


List of changes in Vo2Jet 2.72 (VO 2.7b)

Version 2.72 of Vo2Jet has been changed to work succesfully with VO 2.7b


List of changes in Vo2Jet 2.71 (VO 2.7a)

Version 2.71 of Vo2Jet has been changed to work succesfully with VO 2.7a



List of changes in Vo2Jet 2.7 (VO 2.7)

Made a couple of changes to get Vo2Jet to work with VO 2.7


List of changes in Vo2Jet 2.53 (VO 2.5) / VO2Jet 2.61 (VO 2.6)

DaoRegistrySystemDb now accepts a (optional) parameter and can read the location from the System file from three different locations in the registry


List of changes in Vo2Jet 2.52 (VO 2.5) / VO2Jet 2.6 (VO 2.6)

Recompiled for CA-Visual Objects 2.6
The Library by default runs in Jet 4/DAO 3.6/Access 2000 mode. To enable Jet 3.5/Dao 3.5/Access 97 compatibility mode you have to call DaoEnableVersion36(FALSE)
Added AsVoComObject() method to DaoAbstract class
Init() methods now also accept OleAutoObjects and VOCom Objects
Added Item() method for Collections
Added FieldGet() and FieldPut() for DaoRecordSet class
Collection:Item now also accepts a symbol
Changed the documentation.


List of changes in Vo2Jet 2.514 (VO 2.5) / Vo2Jet 2.6 (VO 2.6)

Added AsOleAutoObject() method to DaoAbstract class
Added FieldGetUsual() to cServer class
Fixed bug with NullAsBlank for Memo fields in cServer class
Removed unused BEGIN SEQUENCE/END constructs from cServer class


List of changes in Vo2Jet 2.513

Various changes to JetServer Editor
Browse button in Server Editor now also selects proper Access version
Removed Nag Screen in Jet Server Editor that locked up VO Logo screen
Error on shutdown of application solved
You can now assign a NULL value to a column by assiging the symbol #Null
Fixed bug with Guid Columns


List of changes in Vo2Jet 2.512

Added DaoServer:Used to be compatible with bBrowser
Added assigns to NULL_OBJECT for collections for Database:Close
Added ADDREF call in DynaCollection:Append
Added UnregisterAxit in DaoAbstract:Destroy()


List of changes in Vo2Jet 2.511

Changed a wrong r88.r1 to r88.r2 in Database:Execute, Connection:Execute and Database:Synchronize
Fixed a bug caused by double destroying of SafeArrays
Changed Unicode support from Class based to function based to reduce number of pending RegisterAxits
Added else branch in Server:FieldPut for situations where FieldSpec:Validate failed
Changed server editor template to use DWORD in stead of LONG
Changed a bug with relations on fields that have decimal places


List of changes in Vo2Jet 2.51

Recompiled for VO 2.5b
Added a bBrowser Sample
Some small changes in the server editor


List of changes in Vo2Jet 2.508

DaoServer:Struct now returns a clone of the original array
Longbinary class changed , it forgot to release a safearray
Added DaoServer:GetData() , which returns the RAW data of a field. In case of a NULL value, a NIL is returned, in case of a LongBinary field the Object is returned and not a string that represents the contents.
Removed a memory leak in variant2usual


List of changes in Vo2Jet 2.507

Solved problem in the server editor when field or fieldspec entities were missing


List of changes in Vo2Jet 2.506

Bug in DaoQuery:Requery solved
Added Daoserver:Name access
Some changes in the Server Editor:
The fields listbox was sorted, making the editor almost useless...
When the MDB file has no captions the editor now defaults to the name as a caption.
Existing binary entities will be changed, when you open them in the editor, and the caption entry will be filled with the name, if they are blank.


List of changes in Vo2Jet 2.505

Saved some 70K of the DLL size by better using of ~"ONLYEARLY" pragma and by removing E_NOTIMPL return values of Interface classes
Solved a bug that could occur when passing an Dao Object as a parameter to a DAO method, such as in oColl:Append()
Solved a bug with currency types
Added support for Decimal type


List of changes in Vo2Jet 2.504

Corrected errors in DaoTable:SetOrder and DaoTable:Seek


List of changes in Vo2Jet 2.503

Missing strong typing for DaoConnection class added
Server editor now compatible with Access 2000


List of changes in VO2Jet 2.50

Changed Cleanup code to work with VO 2.5
Added Strongly typed version
Added Classmate compatible version
Added support for DAO 3.60 & Jet 4.0
Added the JetDebugger sample
Changed the default for Daoserver:UsePropsForHL to FALSE to speed up opening of tables
Added DaoQuery:WhereOrderBy() method to set where clause and Orderby in one method call.


List of changes in Vo2Jet 2.02 (Internal release)

Some performance changes in DaoServer class. Now some 10-15% faster when processing large resultsets
After appending blank record in empty server, EOF and BOF are now reset to false
DaoQuery:Where() now sends a notification method NOTIFYFILECHANGE
When storing String values to a table, the strings are Rtrimmed()
When a query contains 2 fields with the same name, DAO prefixes the names with the tablename. Vo2Jet changes this and removes the table prefix. The first field now has the original name, the other fields have an unique suffix
The Daoserver:Skip() was not always restoring the error handler
Added lOpen flag to server, to avoid errors after closing the recordset
Added Axit method to server to close recordset when GC kicks in
Changed a bug with SetRelation when the parent relation column is NULL
Rename some of the interfaces to avoid name conflict with VoCom
Closing Original recordset added to DaoQuery:Close()
Removed Unicode & DAO version 3 defines


List of changes in Vo2Jet 2.012


There were some problems with using DaoServers on a databrowser

       Please note that we don't recommend using DataBrowsers for

       Data Entry. Especially appending doesn't work when blank

       records in a table are not considered valid. The Databrowser

       moves the recordset of the newly appended record, causing the

       appended record to be discarded by the Jet Engine.


Changes in this release:

DaoServer:Append()  Called Notify(NOTIFYAPPEND) too early
While Appending records: DaoServer:Lastrec now includes record that is being appended and  Daoserver:Recno now returns record number for last record
DaoServer:Delete() Prevents Databrowser from refreshing twice and Position record on proper row in DataBrowser
Handling DaoServer:Delete in combination with SetDeleted(): When deleting a record with SetDeleted() ON, the Datawindow will position the server on the next non-deleted record When deleting a record with SetDeleted() OFF, the Server will position itself on the next non-deleted record.


List of changes in Vo2Jet 2.011

DaoServer:LastRec returned DWORD value, but should return LONG value.
Method SetDataField subclassed in DaoServer, to get better error handling when the table layout has been changed.
The code template for DaoServer Init() method has also been changed
DaoDateTime: a rounding problem in the TimeString assign has been solved.
Daoserver:FieldPut() didn't work when a DaoDateTime object was used as an argument, due to a check in FieldSpec:Performvalidations(). This has been changed: now only the Datepart of the DateTime value is passed to   FieldSpec:Performvalidations().
DaoServer:FieldGet() sometimes an error was generated.


Version 2.0

Initial release for CA-Visual Objects 2.0b-3