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The VO2Jet Classes can be divided into different categories:


DataServer classesThese classes provide an easy way for VO developers to use tables and queries in a Microsoft Access Workspace, just like they would use DbServer objects and SqlSelect objects


DaoQuery A DaoQuery Object allows you to access Dao Data for recordssets of type Snapshot & Dynaset
DaoServer Base class to browse recordsets like the VO DataServer class
DaoTable A DaoTable Object allows you to access Dao Data for recordssets of type Table



Wrapper classesThese classes wrap the object model of DAO and provide the translation between the VO data types and the OLE datatypes.


DaoConnection A connection represents the information of an open ODBC connection
DaoConnections Collection of DaoConnection Objects
DaoContainer A Container object represents a container in a Database
DaoContainers Collection of DaoContainer Objects
DaoDatabase A Database object represents an open database.
DaoDatabases Collection of DaoDatabase Objects
DaoDbEngine The DBEngine object contains and controls all other collections and objects in the DAO object hierarchy
DaoDocument The Document object represents a specific object in the Documents collection
DaoDocuments Collection of DaoDocument Objects
DaoError You can use the Error object to determine what caused the error,
DaoErrors Collection of DaoError Objects
DaoField Field objects define a specific field for TableDef, QueryDef, Index, Relation or Recordset
DaoFields Collection of DaoField Objects
DaoGroup A Group object defines a group of users as it exists in the Workspace object's workgroup information file
DaoGroups Collection of DaoGroup Objects
DaoIndex Index objects specify the order of records accessed from database tables
DaoIndexes Collection of DaoIndex Objects
DaoIndexFields Collection of DaoField Objects
DaoParameter A query's formal parameters are represented by Parameter objects in the Parameters collection of a QueryDef object
DaoParameters Collection of DaoParameter Objects
DaoProperties Collection of DaoProperty Objects
DaoProperty A Property object contains information about the characteristics of a given property
DaoQueryDef The QueryDef object represents a query in the database and maintains information about the query's properties
DaoQueryDefs Collection of DaoQueryDef Objects
DaoRecordset You use Recordset objects to manipulate data in a database at the record level
DaoRecordSets Collection of DaoRecordset Objects
DaoRelation A Relation object represents a relationship between fields in two or more tables
DaoRelations Collection of DaoRelation Objects
DaoTableDef The TableDef object represents a table in a database.
DaoTabledefs Collection of DaoTableDef Objects
DaoUser A User object defines a user account as it exists in the Workspace object's workgroup information file
DaoUsers Collection of DaoUser Objects
DaoWorkspaceA Workspace object exists for each active session of the Jet database engine
DaoWorkspaces Collection of DaoWorkspace Objects



Support classesThese classes are normally not used by you


DaoBookmarkClass to store bookmark information
DaoCollection Abstract class all Collections inherit from
DaoDateTimeClass that wraps Date & Time value
DaoDao Abstract class most Objects inherit from
DaoDynaCollection Abstract class all dynamic collections inherit from
DaoLongBinaryClass to store information about Long Binary fields