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DaoDatabase Class

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A Database object represents an open database.



CollatingOrderSpecifies the language used for sorting and comparisons
ConnectSets or returns a value providing information about a data source.
ConnectionAn open ODBCDirect connection
ContainersCollection of Container objects in this database
DesignMasterIDUnique identifier for a replica design master
NameThe name of this object
QueryDefsCollection of QueryDef objects for this database
QueryTimeoutNumber of seconds before timeout occurs when executing an ODBC query
RecordsAffectedNumber of records affected by the last Execute() Method
RecordsetsCollection of recordset objects open in this database
RelationsCollection of Relation objects for this database
ReplicaIDReturns a unique identifier for a replica.
TableDefs(Default) Collection of all Tabledef objects in this database
TransactionsIndicates whether the Database supports transactions
UpdatableIndicates whether the database can be modified
VersionData format version of the open database



CloseClose the Database object and everything it contains
CreatePropertyCreates a new user-defined Property object
CreateQueryDefCreates a new QueryDef object
CreateRelationCreates a new Relation object
CreateTableDefCreates a new Tabledef object
ExecuteExecute an SQL statement
MakeReplicaMakes a new replica based on the current replicable database
NewPasswordChanges the password of an existing database
OpenRecordsetCreates a new Recordset object
PopulatePartialPopulate partial replica
SynchronizeSynchronizes the current database object


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