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DaoDatabase:Synchronize() Method

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Synchronizes the current database object



cReplicaA string that contains the path to the target replica with which this database will be synchronized. The .mdb file name extension is optional
liType(Optional) A constant indicating which direction to synchronize changes between the two databases, as specified in Settings.



You can use the following constants in the second argument. You can use one of the first three constants with or without the fourth constant.


Constant        Description


dbRepExportChangesSends changes from database object to cReplica.
dbRepImportChangesSends changes from cReplica to database object.
dbRepImpExpChanges(Default) Sends changes from database object to cReplica, and vice-versa, also known as bi-directional exchange.
dbRepSyncInternetExchanges data between files connected by an Internet pathway





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