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DaoDatabase:Version Access

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A string value that describes the data format version of the open database



The return value is a version number, formatted as follows.

Microsoft Jet workspace represents the version number in the form "major.minor". For example, "3.0". The product version number consists of the version number (3), a period, and the release number (0).
ODBCDirect workspace represents the DAO version number in the form "major.minor", or represents the ODBC driver version number in the form "". For example, the DBEngine.Version value of "3.5" indicated DAO version 3.5. A Database object's Version value of 2.50.1032 indicates that the current instance of DAO is connected to ODBC version 2.5, build 1032.


In a Microsoft Jet workspace, the Version property of a Database object corresponds to a version of the Microsoft Jet database engine, and doesn't necessarily match the version number of the Microsoft product with which the database engine was included. For example, the Version property of a Database object created with Microsoft Visual Basic 3.0 will be 1.1, not 3.0.

The following table shows which version of the database engine was included with various versions of Microsoft products.


Jet Version        (year )        Access        Visual Basic        Excel        Visual C++        

1.0        (1992)        1.0        N/A        N/A        N/A        

1.1        (1993)        1.1        3.0        N/A        N/A        

2.0        (1994)        2.0        N/A        N/A        N/A        

2.5        (1995)        N/A        4.0 (16-bit)        N/A        N/A        

3.0        (1995)        '95 (7.0)        4.0 (32-bit)        '95 (7.0)        4.x        

3.5        (1996)        '97 (8.0)        5.0        '97 (8.0)        5.0        

4.0        (1999)        2000 (9.0)        6.0        2000 (9.0)        6.0        






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