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DaoDateTime Class

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This class is used by VO2Jet to store the DateTime values that are returnd by DAO.



DateValThe value of the date part of the DateTime object
TimeStringThe string value of the time part of the DateTime object
TimeValThe numeric value of the time part of the DateTime object



AsReal8        Returns the dateTime value as Real8 (the format that is used in OLE)

AsStringReturns the dateTime value as string



The Jet engine stores dates and times in a datetime value.In VO we have no such datatype. VO2Jet has implemented this class, so you can access both the date part of a datetime field and also the time part.

By default all DateTime values are returns in the form of a DaoDateTime object.

If you want to get DateTime values in VO's date format, you can call the DaoDateTimeasDate() function with a logical argument of TRUE.


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