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DaoDbEngine Class

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The DBEngine object contains and controls all other collections and objects in the DAO object hierarchy




DefaultPasswordUsed when a Workspace object is created without a specified password
DefaultTypeThe type of workspace (Microsoft Jet or ODBCDirect) that will be used by the next Workspace object created
DefaultUserUsed when a Workspace object is created without a specified username
ErrorsCollection of errors from the most recent failed DAO operation
IniPathFull path and filename of the Jet engine initialization file
LoginTimeoutThe number of seconds before an error occurs when you attempt to log on to an ODBC database
SystemDBLocation of systemDb file
VersionVersion number of the executing Microsoft Jet database engine
Workspaces(Default) Collection of open Workspace objects



BeginTransBegins a new transaction
CommitTransEnd the transaction and save the changes
CompactDatabaseCompacts a closed database
CreateDatabaseCreates a new database
CreateWorkspaceCreates a new Workspace object
IdleComplete pending engine tasks such as lock removal
InitCreate instance of the DaoDbEngine Class, and assigns this to global Engine Object
OpenConnectionOpens a specified database
OpenDatabaseOpens a specified database
RegisterDatabaseEnters connection information for an ODBC data source
RepairDatabaseRepairs a corrupted database
RollbackUndo any changes since the last BeginTrans
SetOptionTemporarily overrides values for the Microsoft Jet database engine keys in the Windows Registry


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DbEngine sample