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Distributing VO2Jet and DAO

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To distribute applications developed with VO2Jet, you must ensure that your customers have DAO installed. In order to distribute DAO to your customers yourself, you must own a Microsoft product which entitles you to distributing DAO. Such products are, for instance, the Microsoft Office Developers Edition, Microsoft Visual Basic 4.0 Professional, and Microsoft Visual C++ 4.0.

The royalty-free distribution license for VO2Jet does not entitle you to distribute DAO, only the redistributable VO2Jet component(s). Nevertheless, for such users that may legally redistribute DAO, VO2Jet contains installation instructions and support for the DAO components.


The only VO2JET files that you are allowed to distribute royalty free with your application is:






Where nn reprents the version number


You can not include any other file that comes with Vo2Jet with your application.