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DaoEnum2Str() function

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Translate a Enum value to a string



liValueEnum value that has to be converted
aEnum2 dimensional Array as returned by one of the Dao...Enum() functions
lCheckAllCheck all of the values in the array, and concatinate into one string



A string value



With this function you can translate a Enum value into a string. Sometimes (for example with permissions and relation types) different values of an enum are combined into one Long integer by using the binary OR. The 3rd parameter deterines if this function should check all the values of the array, and return a string with all the values that have been combined.




oFld := oTd:Fields:[Item,1]

// display the field type and all of the field attributes

? DaoEnum2Str(oFld:Type, DaoFieldTypeEnum(),FALSE)

? DaoEnum2Str(oFld:Attributes, DaoFieldAttributeEnum(),TRUE)