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DaoField Class

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Field objects define a specific field for TableDef, QueryDef, Index, Relation or Recordset



AllowZeroLengthIndicates whether a zero-length string is valid for this field
AttributesMiscellaneous characteristics of a Field object
CollatingOrderSpecifies the language used for sorting and comparisons
CollectionIndexReturns the position of a Field within its Fields collection, as indicated by a 0-based integer.
DataUpdatableIndicates whether the data in the field is updatable
DefaultValueThe default value of a Field for a new record
FieldSizeThe size of a field containing text
ForeignNameSpecifies the name of the foreign field
NameThe name of this object
OrdinalPositionSpecifies the order in which you want fields displayed
OriginalValueReturns the original value of a field
RequiredIndicates whether the Field requires a non-Null value
SizeMaximum size of the field
SourceFieldName of the original source field in the underlying table
SourceTableName of the original source table
TypeIndicates the data type of the object
ValidateOnSetFalse delays validation until Update, True validates a new value immediately.
ValidationRuleSpecifies an expression that must evaluate True for a successful update
ValidationTextSuggested message if ValidationRule fails
ValueReturns or resets the value of an object (optional)
VisibleValueReturns the visual value of a field



AppendChunkWrite long binary data into a field
CreatePropertyCreates a new user-defined Property object
GetChunkRead binary data from a field


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