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DaoFieldAttributeEnum() Function

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Returns a 2-dimensional array with all the values of the FieldAttribute Enum.



Every row in this array has 2 values:

The numeric value of the Enum value
A text representation of this value


This array can be used to validate values, and to print a ,meaningful description of the values during debugging

You can pass this array tro the DaoEnum2Str() function to convert the value of an Enum to a string


Constant Description
dbAutoIncrField The field value for new records is automatically incremented to a unique Long integer that can't be changed (in a Microsoft Jet workspace, supported only for Microsoft Jet database(.mdb) tables).
dbDescending The field is sorted in descending (Z to A or 100 to 0) order; this option applies only to a Field object in a Fields collection of an Index object. If you omit this constant, the field is sorted in ascending (A to Z or 0 to 100) order. This is the default value for Index and TableDef fields (Microsoft Jet workspaces only).
dbFixedField The field size is fixed (default for Numeric fields).
dbHyperlinkField The field contains hyperlink information (Memo fields only).
dbSystemField The field stores replication information for replicas; you can't delete this type of field (Microsoft Jet workspaces only).
dbUpdatableField The field value can be changed.
dbVariableField The field size is variable (Text fields only).





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