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DaoQueryDef Class

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The QueryDef object represents a query in the database and maintains information about the query's properties



CacheSizeThe number of records that will be cached locally
connectDescribes the ODBC data source to use for a pass-through query
DateCreatedDate and time when the Querydef was created
FieldsCollection of fields in this query
LastUpdatedDate and time of the most recent change to the querydef
MaxRecordsThe maximum number of records that will be returned
NameThe name of this object
ODBCTimeoutSeconds to wait when running a query on an ODBC database
Parameters_(Default) Collection of parameters available for this query
PrepareShould the ODBC query be prepared
RecordsAffectedNumber of records affected by the last Execute() Method
ReturnsRecordsDetermines whether a SQL pass-through query returns records
SQLSQL statement that defines the query
StillExecutingIs the ODBC query still executing
TypeIndicates the data type of the object
UpdatableIndicates whether the query definition can be changed



CancelClose the open querydef
CloseClose the open querydef
CreatePropertyCreates a new user-defined Property object
ExecuteExecute the Querydef (must be non-row returning)
OpenRecordsetCreates a new Recordset object


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