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DaoRecordset Class

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You use Recordset objects to manipulate data in a database at the record level



AbsolutePositionReturns or sets the relative record number of the current record
BatchCollisionCountthe number of records that did not complete the last batch update
BatchCollisionsReturns an aray of bookmarks that had collisions during last updatebatch call
BatchSizeThe number of statements sent back to the server in each batch
BOFTrue if the current record position is past the last record
BookmarkUniquely identifies a particular record in a Recordset
BookmarkableIndicates whether a Recordset supports bookmarks
CacheSizeNumber of records to be locally cached from an ODBC data source
CacheStartThe bookmark of the first record to be cached from an ODBC data source
CollectAllows you to directly read or write field values, without having to use the fields collection
DateCreatedDate and time when the underlying base table was created
EditModeIndicates the state of editing for the current record
EOFTrue if the current record position is past the last record
Fields(Default) Collection of Field objects
FilterDefines a filter to apply to a subsequently opened Recordset
IndexName of the current Index object (table-type Recordset only)
LastmodifiedThe bookmark of the last record modified in the recordset
LastUpdatedDate and time when the underlying base table was last updated
LockEditsSpecifies optimistic or pessimistic locking during edits
NameThe name of this object
NoMatchIndicates whether a record was found using the Seek or a Find() Method
PercentPositionIndicates or changes the approximate location of the current record
RecordCountThe number of records accessed in the Recordset
RecordStatusThe update status of the current record if it is part of a batch update
RestartableIndicates whether the Recordset supports the Requery() Method
SortDefines a sort order for a subsequently opened Recordset
StillExecutingHas a asynchronous operation finished ?
TransactionsIndicates whether the Recordset supports transactions
TYPEIndicates the data type of the object
UpdatableIndicates whether records in the Recordset can be updated
UpdateOptionsHow is the WHERE clause constructed for each record during a batch update
ValidationRuleSpecifies an expression that must evaluate True for a successful update
ValidationTextSuggested message if ValidationRule fails



AddNewAdd a new record to the recordset
CancelCancels execution of a pending asynchronous method call
CancelUpdateCancels any pending updates
CloneCreates a duplicate recordset
CloseClose the open Recordset object
CopyQueryDefReturns a copy of the QueryDef that created the Recordset
DeleteDelete a record from a recordset        
EditCopies the current record from an updatable Recordset object to the copy buffer for subsequent editing.
FillCacheFills the cache for an ODBC derived Recordset
FindFirstLocate the first record that satisfies the criteria
FindLastLocate the last record that satisfies the criteria
FindNextLocate the next record that satisfies the criteria
FindPreviousLocate the previous record that satisfies the criteria
GetRowsFetches multiple records into an array
MoveReposition relative to the current position or a bookmark
MoveFirstMove to the first record in the Recordset
MoveLastReposition relative to the current position or a bookmark
MoveNextMove to the next record in the Recordset
MovePreviousMove to the previous record in the Recordset
NextRecordSetGets the next set of records, if any, returned by a multi-part select query
NoIVarGetMaps access of unknown Instance variable to read field value
NoIVarPutMaps assignment to unknown Instance variable to write field value
OpenRecordSetOpen New version of RecordSet
RequeryRe-executes the query the recordset is based on
SeekLocates the record in an indexed table-type
UpdateSaves the contents of the copy buffer to an updatable Recordset object


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