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Classmate Sample

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This demo application shows how to use the special version Vo2Jet for ClassMate in combination with the ClassMate databrowser.

You need to have Classmate 2.0 to run this sample!



The sample is a mixture between the RDD based DataBrowser sample and the Sqlbased databrowser sample that come with ClassMate.

The module Query Dialog shows how to retrieve table & query information from a database

(TableTab:Initialize) and how to retrieve field information from a table/query (ColumnTab:Initialize).

The Databrowser is in Read/Write mode, and also records can be deleted.

Appending records is disabled, because the ClassMate Databrowser moves the record pointer of the new appended record, to repaint the window. In most situations this will cause an error, because the blank record is not considered 'valid' by the database. (The VO Databrowse class has the same problems by the way.)