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JetDebugger  sample

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The JetDebugger sample is an adapted version of the Explorer sample, that can be linked into your application, allowing you to see information about the databases that you have open, the recordsets, tabledefs, querydefs etc.


To use the JetDebugger you need to include the library in your application, and create an object of Jetdebugger and pass it an owner window and the DbEngine object like this:


METHOD DebugWindow() CLASS MyShell

 JetDebugger{SELF, goDbEngine }:Show()


By default when you have a Recordset, TableDef or Querydef object selected in the treeview,you'll see its properties in the listview. When you select the View/Show Data menu item (or toolbar button) you'll see the first 50 records of the table in the listview part of the explorer.
If you have defined Lookup information in Access (to show a Combobox with a description of a related record in stead of the foreign key value) you'll see the correct information in the listview (Orders table)
Do no press Expand all when you are at the root item of the tree, unless you are prepaired for a long wait. The program will read all the information from the database, nd that may take a long time !


We have included the JetDebugger in the DataWindow sample and the Order mainatenance sample, soo you can see there how it works.