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Link Sample

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This example show how to link a table to a file in a FocPro DBC format.



 LOCAL oEng  AS DaoDbengine

 LOCAL oDb   AS DaoDatabase

 LOCAL otd   AS DaotableDef

 LOCAL oRs   AS DaoRecordSet

 LOCAL oSrv  AS DaoQuery

 set color TO w+/b


 oEng := DaoDbengine{}


 // This part of the sample is only necessary once, to set up the link

 // to the sample database

 // First create a new database

 Erase(PSZ("\VO2Jet\Test.mdb" ))

 oDb  := oEng:CreateDatabase("\VO2Jet\Test.mdb",;


 // Create a new tabledef

 oTd  := oDb:CreateTableDef("Category",NIL,NIL,NIL)


 // Link the tabledef to the VFP sample database, using DBC

 // Make sure you change this to point to the proper directory


 oTd:Connect := "Foxpro DBC;DATABASE=D:\Vfp60\tasTrade.dbc"

 // Tell it to open the Category.dbf

 oTd:SourceTableName := "Category"

 // Store the link to the FoxPro table in the MDB. In Access you'll

 // see a fox icon before this table


 // End of the part that needs to be run once


 // The rest of the sample can be run as often as you like

 // without having to re-attach the file to the MDB


 oDb  := oEng:OpenDatabase("D:\VO2Jet\Test.mdb",NIL,NIL,NIL)

 oRs  := oDb:OpenRecordSet("Select * From Category",NIL,NIL,NIL)

 oSrv := DaoQuery{oRs}

 DO WHILE ! oSrv:Eof  .and. oSrv:Recno < 21

         ? oSrv:FIELDGET(1), oSrv:FIELDGET(2),;




 IF ! oSrv:Eof

         ? "more.."



 ? "# of records", oSrv:LastRec