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DaoServer:Recno Access/Assign

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A numeric value representing the current record number, identifying the position of the record pointer.

Assigning a value to RecNo is equivalent to executing GoTo(); both reposition the record pointer on the given record.

These two statements are equivalent:


oServer:RecNo := 1168




If the server contains a database file with 0 records, RecNo returns 1, BOF and EOF both return TRUE, and RecCount/LastRec return 0.  If the record pointer is moved past the last record, RecNo returns LastRec + 1 and EOF returns TRUE.  If an attempt is made to move before the first record, RecNo returns the record number of the first logical record in the database file and BOF returns TRUE.

The DaoServer:RecNo assign sends a NotifyIntentToMove message before the operation.


NoteThere recno access/assign is different from the DbServer implementation. If you select a subset of a query or table, every row gets a new record number !