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DaoTable:Init() Method

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Create a new object of type DaoTable



uQueryString that holds the tablename, querydefname or a valid SQL select string, or a DaoRecordSet object
nOptions(Optional) Options                See DaoDatabase:OpenRecordSet() for more info on these types
oDb(Optional) database object that is used to open the server. By default the DaoCurrentDb() is used
lUsePropsForHl(Optional) Use Field caption & description properties for fieldSpecs & hyperlabels.



The Init method will open a new recordset (unless you pass it a recordset yourself, in which case it will use that recordset). It will store a reference to this recordset, that you can get to through the RecordSet Access.

The next step is that it will read information about all the fields in the recordset and create DataFields and FieldSpecs for each field, based on the information in this fields.

Finally it will move the recordset to the first record.





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