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DaoTableDef Class

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The TableDef object represents a table in a database.



AttributesMiscellaneous characteristics of a TableDef object
ConflicttableThe name of this object
DateCreatedDate and time when the table was created
Fields(Default) Collection of fields in this table
IndexesCollection of Index objects associated with this table
LastUpdatedDate and time of the most recent change to the table's structure
NameThe name of this object
RecordCountThe number of records in the table
ReplicafilterReturns or resets the value of an object (optional)
SourceTableNameThe name of an attached table as it exists in the original data source
UpdatableIndicates whether the definition of the table can be changed
ValidationRuleSpecifies an expression that must evaluate True for a successful update
ValidationTextSuggested message if ValidationRule fails



CreateFieldCreates a new Field object
CreateIndexCreates a new Index object
CreatePropertyCreates a new user-defined Property object
OpenRecordsetCreates a new Recordset object
RefreshLinkUpdates the connection information for an attached table


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DaoTabledefsCollection of DaoTableDef Objects