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DaoTableDef:CreateField() Method

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Creates a new Field object



cName(Optional) A string that uniquely names the new Field object.
liType   (Optional) A long value that determines the data type of the new Field object. See the Type

property for valid data types

lSize(Optional) A long value that indicates the maximum size, in bytes, of a Field object that contains text. See the Size property for valid size values. This argument is ignored for numeric and fixed-width fields



Field Object



You can use the CreateField method to create a new field, as well as specify the name, data type, and size of the field. If you omit one or more of the optional parts when you use CreateField, you can use an appropriate assignment statement to set or reset the corresponding property before you append the new object to a collection. After you append the new object, you can alter some but not all of its property settings. See the individual property topics for more details.