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DaoWorkspace Class

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A Workspace object exists for each active session of the Jet database engine



ConnectionsCollection of open Connections
Databases(Default) Collection of open Database objects
DefaultCursorDriverThe type of cursor driver used on the connection
GroupsCollection of Group objects
IsolateODBCTransIndicates whether multiple transactions are isolated (ODBC only)
LoginTimeoutnumber of seconds before an error occurs when you attempt to log on to an ODBC database.
NameThe name of this object
TypeThe type of workspace object
UserNameUser that created the Workspace object
UsersCollection of open User objects



BeginTransBegins a new transaction
CloseClose the Workspace object
CommitTransEnd the transaction and save the changes
CreateDatabaseCreates a new database
CreateGroupCreates a new Group object
CreateUserCreates a new User object
OpenConnectionOpens a specified database
OpenDatabaseOpens a specified database
RollbackUndo any changes since the last BeginTrans


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