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DaoWorkspace:DefaultCursorDriver Access/Assign

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A long value that has the type of cursor driver used on the connection created by the OpenConnection or OpenDatabase methods (ODBCDirect workspaces only).



This property setting only affects connections established after the property has been set. Changing the DefaultCursorDriver property has no effect on existing connections.


The property can be set to one of the following constants




dbUseDefaultCursor(Default) Uses server-side cursors if the server supports them; otherwise use the ODBC Cursor Library.
dbUseODBCCursorAlways uses the ODBC Cursor Library. This option provides better performance for small result sets, but degrades quickly for larger result sets.
dbUseServerCursorAlways uses server-side cursors. For most large operations this option provides better performance, but might cause more network traffic.
dbUseClientBatchCursorAlways uses the client batch cursor library. This option is required for batch updates.
dbUseNoCursorOpens all cursors (that is, Recordset objects) as forward-only type, read-only, with a rowset size of 1. Also known as "cursorless queries."





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