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Dao Workspace Types

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DAO supports two different database environments or workspaces.


Microsoft Jet workspaces allow you to access data in Microsoft Jet databases,  Microsoft Jet-connected ODBC databases, and installable ISAM data sources in other formats, such as Paradox or Lotus 1-2-3.
ODBCDirect workspaces allow you to access database servers through ODBC, without loading the  Microsoft Jet database engine.


Use the Microsoft Jet workspace when you open a Microsoft Jet database (.mdb file) or other desktop ISAM database, or when you need to take advantage of Microsoft Jet's unique features, such as the ability to join data from different database formats.


The ODBCDirect workspace provides an alternative when you only need to execute queries or stored procedures against a back-end server, such as Microsoft SQL Server, or when your client application needs the specific capabilities of ODBC, such as batch updates or asynchronous query execution.


DaoDBEngine and DaoWorkspace Objects


All DAO objects are derived from the DaoDBEngine object. You can set the DefaultType property on the DaoDBEngine object to determine the workspace type (Microsoft Jet or ODBCDirect) to create on subsequent CreateWorkspace method calls, or you can override this property with the Type argument in the CreateWorkspace method itself. When your application creates a workspace, the appropriate library the Microsoft Jet database engine or ODBC is loaded into memory at that time.

You can open additional DaoWorkspace objects as needed. Each DaoWorkspace object has a user ID and password associated with it.