AdoServer Class

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AdoServer Class

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X# DataServer compatible class on top of AdoRecordSet









BoFIs Server at BOF
BookMarkA bookmark that Uniquely identifies a particular record in a Recordset
CacheSizeThe number of records that are cached locally in memory.
ConnectionObject reference to the underlying AdoConnection object
DBStructReturn the structure of the table
DeletedIs the current record deleted ?
EoFIs row pointer beyond the end of file
ErrInfoAn Error object identifying the error condition after the last operation
FcountGet number of fields in the current table
FilterA filter for data in a Recordset
FoundWas the last seek or find  succesfull
LastRecNumber of records in the server table
NameName of the AdoServer Class
NullAsBlankAre null values returned as Blank values of the proper type or as NIL
PageCountHow many pages of data the Server contains
PageNoThe page on which the current record resides.
PageSizeHow many records constitute one page in the Server
RecCountNumber of records in the server table
RecNoCurrent record number
RecordSetObject reference to the underlying AdoRecordSet object
UsedA logical value indicating whether the server is currently open.




Append()Append a blank record to the table
Close()Close the table
Commit()Write all changes to the current record to disk
Delete()Delete the current record
Error()Handle error conditions raised during database processing.
FieldGet()Get field value
FieldGetFormatted()Return the formatted contents of a specified field
FieldPos()Return the position of a specified field
FIELDPUT()Set the field value
Find()Searches a Recordset for the row that satisfies the specified criteria.
Flock()Stub method.
GetData()Get the RAW field value
GoBottom()Position the data server at the last record.
GoTo()Position the data server at a specified record number.
GoTop()Position the data server at the first record.
NoIVarGet()Read field value
NoIVarPut()Write field value
Notify()An event handler that responds to events of this server
OrderBy()Specify an ORDER BY clause
Recall()Stub method. Recalls are not supported
RecallAll()Stub method. Recalls are not supported
Refresh()Reread the current record
Requery()Updates the data in the Server
ResetNotification()Resume the broadcasting of Notify messages
Resync()Refreshes the data in the Server
RLOCK()Stub method.
RollBack()Reread the current record
Save()Save the records of the server to a file
Seek()Searches the index of a Recordset to quickly locate the row that matches the pecified values
SetFilter()Set a filter condition.
SetIndex()Get/Set the current index for the server
SetOrder()Get/Set the current index for the server
SetRecordSet()Change the underlying recordset of the Server
Skip()Move the record pointer forward or backward
SuspendNotification()Suspend the broadcasting of Notify messages
UnLock()Stub method.
Update()Write all changes to the current record to disk


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