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Opens a cursor.



METHOD Open ( uSource AS USUAL , uConnection AS USUAL,  lCursorType AS USUAL, lLockType AS USUAL, lOptions AS USUAL  )   AS VOID 



uSource        (Optional) a valid Command object, an SQL statement, a table name, a stored procedure call, a URL, or the name of a file or Stream object containing a persisted Recordset

uConnection        (Optional) Either a validConnectiont object or a String that containConnectionetString parameters

lCursorType        (Optional) A CursorTypeEnum value that determines the type of cursor. The default value is adOpenForwardOnly.

lLockType        (Optional) A LockTypeEnum value that determines what type of locking (concurrency) the provider should use. The default value is adLockReadOnly.

lOptions        (Optional) A Long value that indicates how the provider should evaluate the Source argument if it represents something other than a Command object, or that the Recordset should be restored from a file where it was previously saved. Can be one or more CommandTypeEnum or ExecuteOptionEnum values







When you specify a Tabe or Query name you should use the AdCmdTable option value

When you specify a Sql Statement you should use the AdCmdText option value



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