Compressor class donated by Nick Friend

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Compressor class donated by Nick Friend

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please find attached a zip file with both a viaef export file for XIDE and a prg file to use with Visual Studio.

This code was donated by Nick Friend, and translated to X# by myself.
I have left the original C# code as comment in the file.

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Wolfgang Riedmann
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Compressor class donated by Nick Friend

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Hello Wolfgang,

What does it do? Do you maybe have some lines of code that shows how it can be used?

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Compressor class donated by Nick Friend

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Hi Dick,

It's just a dead simple class that takes most types of info... string, object, stream, byte array... and returns it as a compressed byte array that you can eg. store in a byte[] field in a database.

We use it for compressing text documents, xml info, long strings, etc. before storing them. Them when you retrieve you just use the corresponding DecompressXXX method to get back to the original type.

I offered it because I saw Wolfgang doing something similar/related with his generic serialisation class.


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