Online session: Refactoring VO code to prepare for X#

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Online session: Refactoring VO code to prepare for X#

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In the last weeks there have been some discussions on how to prepare VO code for the migration to X#.

Especially the fact that you can add code to classes outside of the library where they are defined was an issue that was raised. This is something that is allowed in VO but not in .Net.

Stefan Hirsch has volunteered to do a session about this on Thursday May 20, 16:00 CEST.

He will demonstrate this with a simple example of code that we all have created. Step by step he will refactor this in VO to prepare for the move to .Net

At the end of the session he will summarize how you can complete this code refactoring using Abstract classes and Interfaces.

The session will be done with Zoom. The login details will be published here on Thursday morning.

We will open the zoom session at 15:30. Stefan's session will start at 16:00.
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