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RpReport Pro


Good morning to you all.
What is the diference between RpReprt Pro version 2.8 and 3?
Is there a diferente aproach in version 3?

Will the version 2.8 reports be suported by version 3 without any change?

I am using Vo SP1 2824 and RpReport 2.14d version.

I understand that RpReport 2.14d will not work with Vo SP2 2930.

RpReport 2 actual version upgraded will do the job?

Tks, rgds
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RpReport Pro

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Hi Evandro,
there is an architecture difference between ReportPro 2.x and 3.x: ReportPro 2 is using the VO GUI classes for the preview, and ReportPro 3 is using alternative GUI classes (ClassMate), and to make it work with the VO GUI classes it uses an ActiveX control, so you need to install that on your customer machines.
But ReportPro 3 is faster and AFAIK corrects some architectural issues from ReportPro 2.
Reports from v2 should also work with v3, but I have no experience with either products.
About available upgrade options and compatibility with specific VO builds I cannot say anything - hopefully someone other (Robert or Chris) steps in.
Wolfgang Riedmann
Meran, South Tyrol, Italy
https://www.riedmann.it - https://docs.xsharp.it
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