XSharp on Exercism?

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XSharp on Exercism?

Post by wriedmann »

Hi Bruce,
PMFJI: your messages give me the feeling that you are in some manner involved in Exercism.
On top of the Exercism site I read also "Exercism needs donations to survive 2023".

Personally, I have my doubts that the presence of X# tracks on Exercism (a platform I didn't knew before) would attract new developers to work with X# - but maybe the X# team sees it in a different manner, and then we could discuss if invest time on it.

X# is a bit special when compared to the other languages present on Exercism: first of all, here the development team is reachable for everyone needing help, and we also have a very strong community. Cluttering our very limited resources over the different platforms makes not much sense for us (I have invested a lot of time in https://docs.xsharp.it creating a wiki around X#, and tried to make it a community project - but have failed).
Other than the official documentation and the forums we have also a Youtube channel where the development team puts registrations of online sessions - most of them held on user requests.

Therefore I don't see any sense for me to invest some of my very limited time creating lessions on Exercism.

Wolfgang Riedmann
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XSharp on Exercism?

Post by bugmagnet »

Thanks for a full response, Wolfgang.

I am a student, mentor and maintainer on Exercism. I play all these parts in a strictly volunteer capacity. They're not paying me for anything.

As I said in my earlier message, I thought that the Exercism community might benefit from having an xBase family language and that the xBase language vendor and community might benefit from having their language more widely known. That's all. If it's not something anyone here wants to do, fine. It was simply a suggestion (which I managed to mess up quite a bit it seems.)

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