Pdf A/3 invoices

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Pdf A/3 invoices

Post by Fabrice »

Hi guys,

I'm looking for some advices..
In few months, the french software will have to deliver invoices in Pdf A/3 format.

Does any of you has already generated such docs, and what reporting tool are using for that?

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Pdf A/3 invoices

Post by Terry »

Hi Fabrice

Just a thought.

Some years ago I had a similar problem. It was just for me and I had Word installed on the machine.

So I simply input things to Word and controlled Word to do the grunt work in the background. As I remember it was fairly easy.

Can't remember the details now, but things have advanced so it may be even easier now.

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Pdf A/3 invoices

Post by wriedmann »

Hi Fabrice,
I may be wrong, but AFAIK the french system and the german system ZUGFeRD are very similar.
If this is the case, Combit List&Label may be a solution.
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