Kann mit RP2.40 dummy.dbf nicht öffnen

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Re: Kann mit RP2.40 keine DBF öffnen

Post by Chris »

Hi Franz,

There seems to be something wrong with the dbf. When I try to open dummy.dbf from dbAdmin, I get an error message:

File length mismatch - header values do not match actual size of file
VALUES: Actual size = 70 Calculated size = 68
No EOF Marker - file may be being updated in another process

How did you create the file?
Chris Pyrgas

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Re: Kann mit RP2.40 dummy.dbf nicht öffnen

Post by lagraf »

Hi Chris,
I don't know how I created dummy.dbf. The Vo app which uses this file with Rp 2.17 is about 10 years old, and it runs in this constellation since that time. But with the corrected dummy.dbf it also runs with X# and RP2.40 (and with VO and RP2.17 too).
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Re: Kann mit RP2.40 dummy.dbf nicht öffnen

Post by ic2 »

Strange. I can open dummy.dbf in dbv.exe and in dbMax.exe. It contains one C1 field called dummy and 2 records containing '1' and '2'

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