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This dialect shares the features of "All Non Core Dialects"

The compiler and runtime have the following "special" behavior when compiling for the "Visual Objects" dialect.


Allows 4 letter abbreviations of some older keywords

Allows "&&" as same line comment characters, just like "//"

When a reference to XSharp.VO is added then certain functions that are VO specific are enabled, such as RtRegString()

Supports the use of '@' to retrieve the address of a variable. This may also be used for REF variables if the compiler option -vo7 is used.

The preprocessor adds a define __VO__ with a value of TRUE

Adds the VOSTRUCT and UNION entity types

Uses the _WINBOOL type for logical values inside VOSTRUCT and UNION entities

The indexer on PSZ types start with element 1


When running in Ansi more (SetAnsi(TRUE), which is the default) then the DBF header for DBFNTX gets the Ansi bit set