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SetThousandSep Function (DWord)

Return and optionally change the setting that determines the thousands separation character to be used in numeric-to-string conversion functions.

Namespace:  XSharp.Core
Assembly:  XSharp.Core (in XSharp.Core.dll) Version: 2.19
 FUNCTION SetThousandSep(
	nNewSetting AS DWORD
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Type: DWord
An ASCII code representing the new thousands separator.
The initial default depends on SetInternational(), which you can refer to for more information.

Return Value

Type: DWord
If nNewSetting is not specified, SetThousandSep() returns the current setting.
If nNewSetting is specified, the previous setting is returned.
Normally, numeric values are displayed without thousands separators, unless you explicitly specify the number using pictured output. Pictured output is achieved using a picture clause, which can be defined with the @...SAY...GET command, the Transform() function, or the FieldSpec:Picture property. Note:
The comma character used in your source code to represent the thousands separator in picture clauses is unaffected by this setting, just as the period used to represent the decimal separator is unaffected by SetDecimalSep(). Therefore, your source code will not change based on these settings, as illustrated in the example below.